10 Fast and Furious Sports Bikes

Fast and Furious Sports Bikes

Adventurous people love sports bikes. Harrison Ford said “Bikes and planes are not about going fast or having fun; they are toys but serious ones”. Perhaps he was ignorant of the fact that most of the people love speedy bikes more than anything. Bike lovers prefer the fastest sports bikes. If you are among them, here is the list of 10 fast and furious sports bikes, for you and all the people who are seeking speedy sports bikes.


1. Suzuki Hayabusa

Do you like thrill in life? Try Suzuki Hayabusa. It has been rated as the most influential and best ever bike throughout the World. Suzuki launched this sports bike in 1999. It can attain speed of 188-194 miles per hour. It was named as Hayabusa which is a Japanese word and it means “Peregrine Falcon” (Known for its speed). Its 2010 model is outclass and powered by 4-stroke DOHC engine with 6-speed transmission.

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