Bridgestone Americas New Contest for Teenagers

Teenagers today love to drive their cars and they love to hit the roads with their friends and peers but if you take a quick look at some of the records you will find that most of the accidents in North America includes teenagers and most of the accidents happen because teenagers drive recklessly. This is why many of the companies and agencies are now trying to promote better awareness that can provide better information to these kids to make sure that they drive safely and respect the traffic laws and make sure that they don’t create accident situations.

Bridgestone Americas has now come up with Teens Drive Smart awareness campaign that will make sure that teenagers know more about driving safely on the roads. The all new Bridgestone Teens Drive Smart Video Contest is the latest driving awareness campaign that Bridgestone Americas is trying to come up. According to the survey done by Bridgestone most of the teenagers feel that they are safe drivers because they have never got a speeding ticket and because they have never wrecked their car. Hence, the company wants to provide more information and knowledge to the young generation when it comes to handling a car on the road.

The new video contest will allow young generation kids and teenagers to participate and create 25 to 55 seconds video. All the participants must have to create video regarding driving safely on the road in their own creative way. They can submit the videos to Bridgestone Americas and ten finalists will be chosen from the videos that have been received. All the ten videos will then be uploaded on site where they will receive votes from the people. People can start voting for the best videos that they like and the top three videos will be selected. The first prize winner will get $25,000 college scholarships and the video will be shown on MTV Jumbotron in Times Square in New York for a month. The second prize winner gets $15,000 college scholarships while the third prize winner gets $10,000 college scholarships.

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