Bridgestone Campaigns for New Technologies

Are you really passionate about car technologies? Speed is something that people today are really passionate about because they want to race their cars to the limit. Although, most people think about vehicle engine when they think about speed but there are many other factors that can actually help the car to speed better and car tires really can make a difference. This is why companies like Bridgestone really make some great car tires that can help the drivers to improve the performance of the car. As per the recent announcement, Bridgestone Americas launches new performance focused brand campaign that will bring in some new technologies to the market.

Bridgestone recently made an announcement that they are going to bring in the best technologies to reality with the help of customers and developers that can help them perform. The brand campaign therefore is known as Time to Perform and Bridgestone believes that they really need to work hard if they want to make some difference to the list of car tires they already have. With this brand campaign they will bring out some new technologies that they can use and even make use of the ideas that developers have to improve their products.

The company is already popular globally for the car tires that they make and they already have great tires like Potenza which is an ultra high performance tire. The company also has Ecopia which is known for improving rolling resistance and Blizzak for ultra high performance in snow conditions. The company also made announcement about the new Super Bowl ads for Bridgestone Americas brand campaign. They have announced that they will release five new advertisements for the Super Bowl event and it will be aired on NBC on Sunday, February 5, 2012.

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