Car Catastrophe? Find Out What To Do If Your Pride And Joy Stops Working

When we buy our cars, we expect them to give us years of trouble-free motoring. And, for the most part, they do. Today’s cars are more reliable than ones from previous decades, thanks to advances in technology.

But given that cars are mechanical devices, they do need periodic maintenance. Doing so ensures that they run in tip-top condition. And any problems can get identified and addressed before they become expensive ones!

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So it can be something of a shock when your car doesn’t want to work anymore. Especially if you have ensured that it got maintained according to its service schedules. Are you reading this blog post with a seemingly dead car outside?

If that’s the case, you are doubtless wondering what to do next. It turns out that there are plenty of options open to you. Here are some of the most-common ways to deal with a car that won’t start.

Get it towed to an auto shop

It doesn’t matter whether your car is at home, at your work’s car park or somewhere else. If you can’t start your car, you can’t drive it.

The first option open to you involves getting your car towed to your friendly local auto shop for diagnosis and repairs. If you’re a busy sort of guy or gal, it’s a convenient way to get your car fixed as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you can rent a car, use public transport or do plenty of walking to get to your destinations! The auto shop will usually phone you to say what’s wrong with your car and how much it will cost to get repaired.

Once you give them the go-ahead to start the repair work, you will have your car back in no time at all!

Diagnose the problem yourself

What happens if you just don’t have the cash to pay for any auto shop bills? The second option that’s open to you is just to try and diagnose the problem yourself. There are a few ways that you can do this.

Doing a visual inspection of the affected area is often a good way to narrow down the source of the problem. For instance, let’s say that no lights come up on the dash when you try to start the car. You can start by checking that the battery wires are connected and that the battery is charged.

The guys at Motorline Direct also say that more people are turning to the Internet for help with diagnosing car problems. There are plenty of websites (like this one!) that offer guides to help fix car problems.

Community forums are also a good way of speaking to like-minded car enthusiasts about problems. Some forums charge a subscription fee, so it’s worth bearing that in mind before seeking the answers to your questions.

There are even some question and answer websites you can visit. They are similar to forums in that other people post replies to your problems. Many of them are free to use.

Good luck!


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