CHOP Researches on Teen Driver Safety

Teen driver safety is quickly gaining a lot of importance in the United States as people are more concerned about the way teen drivers drive their cars on the road. In one of the national research report by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and State Farm Insurance Companies it was revealed that more teens in the United States are dying because of reckless driving than suicide and cancer combined together and therefore policymakers and road safety regulators are now serious about bringing the numbers down. In the report done by CHOP and State Farm Insurance Companies it was found that nearly 40,000 deaths have been reported because of teen driver crash situation.

The report also clearly states that more than 30% of the people died in the crash situation were not present in the car at that time. This means that teen driver crash is not just about the teen drivers behind the wheel but also about the people who are crossing and walking on the road. Hence, this reckless driving situation can affect anybody on the street. According to Dennis Durbin, Co-Scientific Director of the Center for Injury Research and Prevention at CHOP and co-author of the report the situation is serious and something should be done about it. However, he also admits that the responsibility is not for the policymakers but also of every individual whether they have a teen driver at home or not.

The report had some shocking information about how teen drivers drive their car when they are on the road. However, the researchers were able to found some common traits among the situations. The four key patterns that were found in the cases were that most of the cases had reasons like speeding, use of alcohol when driving, no use of seat belts, and distracted driving. In the report it was stated that while only 16% of the cases happened because of distracted driving, 40% of the cases happened because of drunk driving and teen drivers had positive blood alcohol levels. It was also found that nearly 50% of the cases happened because of speeding and not using seat belts when driving the car.

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