Dodge Viper: True American Speed

Dodge has been building cars long enough now, (almost a hundred years), to know what’s good for all of us. They know what every segment of the population needs in a vehicle and they also know what we want. They have muscle cars for those of us who crave speed and power and mini-vans for transporting kids and business associates. They also produce SUVs with a great deal of style and function and they are the only ones who have given us the Viper.

“The Dodge Viper is a work of automotive art and engineering that is in a category all its own”, we were told at Zeigler Dodge near Chicago. This five-star rated sports car is one of a kind that will astound even the most jaded upscale, fast-car enthusiast.  This great American two-seater speedster had its beginnings in clay, just like most car prototypes. The fascinating thing about it though is that it went from a clay mockup to a real car in less than a year. Once it hit the North American Auto Show in 1989 as a concept model, it received so much attention that Chrysler/Dodge had no other choice but to put it into production; something they were more than happy to do. In less than two years later, the Viper was the pace car at the Indie 500. A year and a half after that the Viper began shipping these fantastic vehicles to dealer showrooms. This was indeed a quick turnaround from concept to clay to prototype to production model.

Dodge Viper

Fast is a strong word, but it might not have been strong enough to describe the performance of the first generation of Vipers. It could get to sixty miles an hour from a dead stop in four seconds and had a top speed of one hundred and eighty miles per hour. Wow! The second gen Viper had even more power and was lighter. This increased its top speed to over 190 miles an hour.

This roadster continued to get faster and faster and finally pushed through the sixty mark in 3.4 seconds with a topped out speed of over 200 miles per hour. You can get to the grocery store in just a few seconds and shopping will take you more time than actually traveling there and back. The Viper is a true American sports car. It has more than you’ll ever need as far as the speed it offers. You will just have to save your money to pay for all the tickets you get going to the supermarket.

Suhail Ajmal

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