Drinking & Driving

Drink Driving

Is it safe to drive while you are either intoxicated or drunk? It is not a legal issue. The question is that you are safe or not, while driving when you have obsessive quantity of alcohol. Driving if you have enough amount of alcohol is hazardous. If driver has high level of blood alcohol contents (BAC), then there is a great risk of accidents, highways harms and deaths because of autos.

Photo by Raisin Girl

Photo by Raisin Girl

Studies have shown that blood concentration level is 08 in any person. Potential anticipation actions examined include establishing DWI courts. These courts can have the power to suspend, or revoke driver’s license, confiscation and impropriate number plates, on increasing mistake increasing fines and jail for after few warnings. Safety measure is safety seat belts, specified drivers and air bags.


Accidents caused by drink driving are totally under controllable. This is fact that casualties caused by drunk drivers have been dramatically decreased in last few years. However, there is still need to remain constant checks to prevent drunk driving.

The Facts

Researches says that a big number of drivers who have some thing to drink, have low blood content concentration (BAC) and few of these drivers are faced fatal crash. The only a few drivers have been a level of .15 and the drivers with higher (BAC) level often meet with fatal error. The drivers those have high level of BAC have more chances to meet with fatal error. The average of BAC of drivers those face the injuries is .16

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