Ferrari Showed Up a Challenging 458

Ferrari the king of sports car has raised the curtains over its hot new 458 challenge on Wednesday Maranello, Italy and the occasion was basically the company’s annual dealer meeting. This new car really seems exciting in not only its fabulous style but also in its features and specifications, basically it is aimed to replace the F430 challenge in 2011 Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli.

According to the specifications revealed from the company’s side the 459 challenge shares a 4.5 liter direction injection engine that can give the power up to 562 hp. Some of the further amendments in its specifications include the modified gear ratios and dual clutch gearbox and this modification has been made just to achieve higher torques at lower revs.

One beautiful change has been brought in its size and weight, the front body panels have got thinner and with that sufficient amount of weight has also been reduced but the company has not yet told what the actual weight of this new model is.

Another exciting thing in this new challenger car is its F1-Trac traction control system that has been developed by Ferrari itself and it constantly monitors grip levels of maximum road holding. Thus we can say that the new model is a real killer in all the capabilities it owns and thus it can prove itself to be the best one for the company.

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