Get Your Car in an Instant without Auto Financing

Auto financing is an essential element in owning a vehicle. Various financial institutions extend auto loans for everyone wishing to invest on a car. Applications and quotes can be processed online while the traditional way of consulting loan providers personally before deciding for a company.

This information brought questions about the possibility of buying a car without auto financing. One woman, however, proved that it’s possible and even got her car instantly.

Auto Financing

Bring Out the Magic

Realistically speaking, closing a car deal is only possible with auto financing, unless a buyer has enough cold cash to pay for the car upfront. On the other hand, a young lady in the film Bewitched proved she can get a car without financing and even a rent a house without references.

The film was the remake of the infamous comedy sitcom, Bewitched, in the 1960s starring Elizabeth Montgomery, the nose-twitching witch who married a mortal. In the 2005 film, Nicole Kidman starred opposite Will Ferrell in the film. Her character, Isabel Bigelow, is also a young witch wanting to live like a mortal.  Promising to avoid using her abilities to make her life easier, she promptly broke this as she started living in the city. One of these instances is when she got her car.

After closing the house deal with the real estate agent, she tested out the garage door with its remote. The door opened and it worked fine, but on the second time, Isabel got a cute 2004 Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible. That’s it. She started using her car to shop around and do her first shopping experience. From there, she started her journey and met Jack Wyatt, a narcissistic star looking for the perfect actress to portray as Samantha in its own remake of Bewitched.

In Real Life

Of course, there’s no such thing as Isabel’s magic to obtain a car instantly. Nevertheless, auto loan providers are around to make sure the process will be easier than the usual. There are more finance companies extending this assistance, ensuring everyone will have the chance to invest on a car.

Being approved for the financing is simple as long as the applicant has clean credit score. More often than not, applications will be approved immediately and get their vehicles soon. In several cases, loan providers may even offer their assistance voluntary to their long-time clients with untarnished credit score.

For individuals with problematic credit standing or those without credit, many financial institutes still give them the chance for loan approval. Nevertheless, the whole process can be more daunting, requires more documents, and other prerequisites as assigned by the service provider. Proper research and preparation, however, will make auto loan application a lot easier compared to the usual process. It can be slightly expensive as well because of higher down payments compared to those with good credit standing.

Overall, Isabel’s case is unique and something that you won’t experience in real life. But remember that you can still auto financing despite your records with proper research and meeting the company’s set requirements. Shop around for the best loan providers and start investing on your vehicle like at used dealer Annville Auto Center.

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