Henry Ford Maker Challenge- Elena Ford Awarded Inventors of 2013

ford logoOn 26th July 2013, the Henry Ford Maker Challenge was celebrated as part of the 150th birthday of the Henry Ford, the Founder of the Ford Motor Company. This is a competition that is organized in the old and young inventors to test their talent and potential as part of Henry Ford’s Legacy, one of the best innovators of the 20th century. This year three awards were given to the three winners of the competition by the Ford’s Vice president, Consumer Experience and Global Dealer, Elena Ford.

The awards presented to the winners in three categories, Younger Maker (Youth), Sustainability and Hands on Learning. Each winner is awarded with $500 cash prizes and a $2,000 to a charity of their choice to choose from a list provided by the Ford Motor Company Fund.

About 400 innovators took part in the competition whose innovations was displayed in front of over 27,000 audience/visitors. At the ceremony, the great-great granddaughter of Henry Ford, Elena Ford shared “Henry Ford knew more than most how satisfying and rewarding the invention process can be, His innovations changed the world, and at Ford his inspiration continues to drive our company, our products and our commitment to the community.”

The Ford Fund Supports a number of initiatives and is promoting innovation in education and so they are offering a great fund every year to different business related, educational and innovation related programs. Ford Blue Oval Scholars is one of those programs that is an internet based initiative that align over $1 million scholarships to the winners of this initiative. 

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