Honda Leasing Walking Assist Device to Hospitals in Japan

walking deviceHonda is usually known for the kind of vehicles they launch in the auto market but this time Honda Motor Company has decided to help people with their walking issues. Honda Motor Co has made an announcement that they are leasing out total 100 units of their Walking Assist Device to various hospitals in Japan. Honda claims that this device offers rehabilitation training and physical therapy while walking. It will also monitor the use of the device and verify its practicality of the device. Honda also revealed that the Walking Assist Device was researched and developed in the year 1999.

Honda also said that the device is very much on the same lines as ASIMO where the device adopts cooperative control technology that was based on Honda’s cumulative study of human walking. The control computer activates motors based on the information that is obtained from hip sensors while walking which improves the symmetry of the timing of each leg lifting from the ground and taking it forward. Honda also revealed that the Walking Assist Device is compact and lighter than the previous models. Honda said that the new Walking Assist Device is 2.6 kgs lighter than the previous versions. The overall design of the device has also been simplified to make it usable and to convenient for the users. Honda mentioned that they have received positive feedbacks for the device so far and therefore they are leasing out the devices to various hospitals to see if the practical features offer better usability and convenience.

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