In Memory of Datsun

Whatever happened to the 240Z?  That was a very popular car back in the…oh yeah, late 1960s and 1970s.  That was a cool car.  Its styling was innovative and that, along with its sports car features and handling, blew onto the scene and captured the American market single-handedly.  Almost no other car has been able to do that except that little roundish car from Germany that was so well received.

The Nissan 240Z (shown at Kayser Nissan by Madison) was marketed under the name of Datsun.  Nissan sold a great deal of cars and trucks under that name for many years.  When the 240Z came onto U.S. soil, its low price, compared to BMW, Jaguar and Porsche), made it an instant hit and it was the toast of the town; actually, the toast of many towns.  People were proud of their 240Zs and they had a right to be.  These were cool cars.  They were the coolest Japanese car to ever hit the market and certainly one of the coolest sports cars to ever be sold in America up to that time.   People always did double takes when a “Z” car passed by.  They wanted to be a part of it somehow, even if it was looking at it from a couple feet away in a supermarket parking lot.

Nissan 240Z

They were cool, no doubt.  The 240Zs and the 260 and 280Zs to follow all had an aura about them that exuded a sense of intelligence and communicated superiority.  If you had one, you were cool, (even if you weren’t really cool).  You could be the un-coolest person at school or in town but if you had a “Z” car, people wanted to be near you.  Of course, you had to hold up your end of the conversation and if you were truly a nerd, silence was always the “coolest” and smartest way to go.  Nodding your head while giving a half-grin would always work in these situations.

Every once in a while you can see one of these beauties on the road.  They still get second looks and they are still one of the coolest cars to have in your possession.  Many 240Zs are being renovated nowadays.  Car guys and gals are buying the old ones up and re-doing them into their perfect old selves.  They’re getting top dollar when they’re sold and it seems that everyone comes out of the deal happy.  The renovators take pride in their highly paid work and the buyers get to be cool – again.

Image Credit: Sherlock77 (James)

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