Jaguar XJ Sedan Being Revealed

Jaguar XJ Sedan has been released among much celebration with the singer Jay Leno playing the host for this mega event. The cloaks of this enticing beauty was revealed among a marveled crowd as the new redesigned sedan set the stage on fire with its awesome aura.The new XJ will put on sale through United States in December. The base price will come to be $72,500 which would include shipping charges throughout the United States.

The new model will be sold in standard price for both the long wheel based version as well as the shorter normal ones. The Jaguar holds 5 liter V8 in normal terms as it is a super charged and spirited performer.

Credit: blog.leasetrader

Credit: blog.leasetrader

This is going to be the iconic Jaguar XJ for 2010 and the performance is said to be really promising enough. It is going to be a helluva seductive model with lots of new features not acknowledged by the makers of Jaguar before. Jaguar has proudly announced this current model to be the acme of all types of designs previously explored by the company.

This sedan will give a robust performance with their unique structure coming in perfect yet striking congruency with the lightweight aluminum physic. It will start at the price of $72,500 MSRP and will be available from December through order only.

Source: autoweek

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