Latest Ford News: Will CEO go to Microsoft?

Owing to reports that Alan Mulally, current CEO of Ford Motor Company, was talking to Microsoft about a possible CEO position, rumors regarding his imminent departure have flourished. For the moment, however, the word seems to be that he will stay put, at least through the end of 2014. One never knows what will happen thereafter, though. The likelihood, however, is that he will stay with Ford beyond that point in time. For Microsoft to woo him away still further in the future, it would have to reserve the CEO position especially for him for a longer time frame. Unless they are extremely keen on having him, they will probably find someone else to fill the position.

The information that Mulally will keep his post through 2014 comes courtesy of the great-grandson of the legendary Henry Ford himself. Automotive News Europe spoke with Edsel Ford II, whose great grandfather started Ford Motor Company. He told them that “Alan is staying through the end of 2014 and that’s all I know. Frankly, he told us that his plan was to stay with Ford through the end of 2014.”


Another way to look at this matter is to consider Mulally’s qualifications. Though he is a currently popular CEO in the business world in general, and clearly Microsoft is considering him on his meritorious leadership at Ford (he had a large hand in turning the company around and making it more profitable), he doesn’t have any experience with software. His previous position was as the head of the commercial airplanes unit at Boeing, so it would seem that his expertise is more in the mechanical than the electronic realms.

Some say that prior experience isn’t really what makes a CEO successful at running a company. They even point to the fact that Mulally would bring “fresh eyes” to the position. While there is no way to counter such optimistic logic, in this case and in others, Mulally’s assurances that he loves working at Ford and his assurance of his continued employment there, when added to his lack of industry experience in the computer field, seem to weigh toward his continued tenure. The rumors continue to circulate, though, so we’ll have to end on the “only time will tell” note with this one.

Source: Kayser Ford of Madison

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