Mahindra Quanto Vs Maruti Swift Dzire – Compact Sedan Vs Compact SUV

The cars in question do not even belong to the same segment – one is a compact sedan and the other is a compact SUV. Then why pit them against each other. Firstly both are sub-4 m vehicles. The top end diesel versions of both the vehicles fall in the same price range as well.

The country’s largest SUV manufacturer Mahindra launched its first sub-four-meter vehicle in the form of Quanto. Mahindra chopped the tail off to bring the manufacturing cost down and avail excise duty benefits on Quanto. The Quanto is priced from Rs. 6.08 to 7.85 lakhs while the Maruti Dzire is priced from Rs. 4.85 to 7.32 lakhs.

In 2012, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, decided to reduce the length of their sedan – Maruti Swift Dzire. Launched first in 2008, the Dzire was originally the Swift with extra boot and rear passenger space, but with an intention to trim down the cost of production and get excise duty benefits, the company shortened the length of new Maruti Swift Dzire, making its lesser than 4 meter.

Compact Sedan

It is difficult to compare the exterior as the two cars are entirely different, owing to their body type. But both the vehicles come with a chopped rear. The wheelbase of Dzire is around 2430 mm while the Quanto has an extra wheelbase of 330 mm taking it to 2760 mm. This extra space surely converts to more legroom at the rear.

The Quanto can seat 7 passengers. The grey interiors of the Quanto look a bit drab against the beige gray dual tone interiors of the Dzire. The quality of plastics on the Quanto is a tad lower than the Dzire which has, wood inserts on front doors. But the Quanto does offer more cabin space than the Dzire owing to the former’s greater height.

The Quanto has a 1.5 litre twin turbo-charged common rail diesel engine with three cylinders. It is able to generate 100 bhp of peak power along with 240 Nm of torque. The engine is mated with a five speed manual transmission that delivers a mileage of 13 to 17.21 kmpl. The acceleration produced and fuel efficiency is notable. A shift of speed from 0 to100 kmph in 16 to 17 seconds is quite reasonable for the Quanto.

The Maruti Swift Dzire 2012 has a petrol K 12 engine that is a four cylinder with sixteen valves with 87 bhp with 114 Nm of torque making it more powerful and more fuel efficient. The diesel variant is a D13A common rail injection technology with four cylinders that can belt outs 75 bhp at 114 Nm of torque. Also available with the Swift Dzire is an automatic transmission.

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