Mazda SkyActiv Technology

After all the technological advancements we have had in cars these days which one do you think was awarded the best by some judges in DC at a green car award show?  That’s right Mazda was awarded the Green Car Technology Award because of its SkyActiv Technology.  SkyActiv technology is a series of technologies developed by Mazda to increase the fuel efficiency of their cars.  The technologies are built into each one of Mazda’s cars.  The SkyActiv technology not only helps the car become more fuel efficient, but it helps the car become more efficient it terms of speed.  And as each year goes by, the engineers at Mazda are rebuilding and retooling the SkyActive technologies to perform better.


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The family members of SkyActiv technology include SkyActiv-G, SkyActive G 2.0, SkyActiv D, SkyActive-D 2.2, SkyActive-Drive and SkyActive MT.    They are already working on one for the next generation, and this one will be called the SkyActive-Body.  This piece of technology includes a lightweight highly-rigid body with better crash safety performance.  These Mazda’s with SkyActiv technologies almost get as much in mileage per gallon on the highways as hybrids.  However, in the city hybrids are still better.  You have to decide though which is better for you, a hybrid or a Mazda with SkyActiv technology; because even though hybrid’s get much better fuel economy in the city, the downside is that they have a premium added to the price of the car because of the hybrid technology.

They SkyActive technologies are just equipment to increase the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.  There is no premium added to the price of the vehicle.  So you have to decide which is better for you, the extra cost or the extra fuel economy increase of a hybrid?  If you keep the hybrid for an extended period of time, the benefit of the increase in fuel economy over the SkyActive technologies might be worth it.  If you keep it for a little while, like two or three years, the increased cost premium of the hybrid will not be worth it.  Furthermore if you do have the hybrid for like ten or fifteen years, you will have to add in the extra cost of a new hybrid battery, and a hybrid battery costs a lot more than a regular battery.

Last but not least, if you are wanting to learn a bit more about  the power of SkyActiv Technology, then you can read a bit more by going to SportDurst Mazda in North Carolina and researching a bit more on your own.

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