McLaren MP4-12C Giving Its Public Appearance at Goodwood

McLaren MP4-12C

One of the most exciting new sports cars by McLaren ‘McLaren MP4-12C’ is now giving its first debut at the GoodWood and it will be accompanied by some other models of McLaren. The final design of this car was showed up in 2009 and after that release people are just getting crazy to have this model in the markets and Yes! Finally it is going to be here.

Do you have any idea, who is going to drive this one for the first time in front of you? Yes it is none other than the McLaren Formula One stars Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. This exciting new sports car is coming with a powerful 3.8 liter 90 V8 engine with a dual variable valve timing that will boost up the power to 600 hp and 600Nm of torque.

The features and specifications of this new model shows that it is really going to be a blaster for the McLaren’s market and the other one that will give their debut in front of the public are a carbon fiber model with all the carbon fiber covering on the engine covers, splitters and seat backs. Thus we can say that the passage of excitement if going to be continued from McLaren’s side another time.

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