Most Fuel Efficient Cars

Fuel Efficient Cars

With the high costs of fuel on the rise there ought to be some discretion in finding the most fuel efficient cars in the market. These are the ones that make the economy go running and while you enjoy smooth and safe driving, these are quite the best price to pay for a standard car. With all the good differences some of the most fuel efficient cars would be as follows:

VW Lupo 3L TDi:

This is a segment hatchback type car that runs on diesel. It operates on a 1200cc 3-cylinder turbo direct jet injection. It goes by the power of 61 bhp@4000 pm. It creates a top speed with a torque of 14.3kgm@1800-2400 rpm. It still maintains a top speed of about 163 kph with some of the greater claims to fame with other features about the car. These features are also found in the Audi A2 3L TDi. It is one of the largest very 1st 3 liter cars capable of traveling 100 km in just 3 liters of diesel. The Lupo is also one of greatest unbeatable cars that have come to the world so far. It travels about 33,333 kms across the continent with 792.57 liters of diesel. It shoots at an avg speed of 85.6 kph.

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Toyota Prius:

This is a C-segment 4-door hatchback that works in petrol-electric. It has an engine power of 1497 cc with DOHC WTI and a 16 valve inline 4. This also comes with a power of 76 bhp@5000 rpm. The Lexus will come with a hybrid SUV that is about 400h. It has been compared with the Indian car, Maruti Baleno which goes across 94 bhp, 11 kpl. It is one of the most important cars for city driving that has one of the most important highway speeding techniques. It is one of the greatest cars in the world in terms of zero carbon emission.

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Opel Astra Caravan ECQ 4:

This is a family type of station wagon that runs on diesel power. It works from turbo common rail direct injection with DOHC inline 4. It has got an average power of 80 bhp with a top speed working up to 173 kph. It has been one of the most effective cars in Europe since 2005. The Ecotech turbo diesel engine could be quite interesting to observe with the rail direct injection systems and the fuel delivery mechanism.

2004 Ford Escape Hybrid:

This is an Atkins cycle inline that comes with 65 kw electric assist motor. It has a high acceleration rate with 200 bhp v6 and according to Ford this is also quite the V6 engine with small car high end facilities as well as the normal SUV. This is quite frugal and quite like a tarmac worshipper. Aisin AW is the Ford’s very new hybrid powertrain with some of the greatest 300 volt nickel metal hydride battery packs. This also comes with a real cargo floor.

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BMW 330d:

This is a high class sports sedan that runs on diesel with 6 cylinder and brings about 42 kgm@1750-3200. This is a part of the BMW 5-series that comes with a Mercedes Benz C220 CDI or 141 bhp. It comes with rather improved materials and has variable vane turbocharger with increased performance as well as latest high pressure common rail systems. These are available from many different places and brigs about a good balance in the economy. This is quite the silent diesel car that is unique in the world today.

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