New Golf to Get Four Wheel Drive

Volkswagen’s new Golf, the Mk7, will be arriving in showrooms across the world very soon, having been met with critical acclaim in pre-release tests and reviews. There’s nothing revolutionary about the hatchback, but it will eventually be available with VW’s 4Motion all-wheel-drive system. It’s becoming increasingly common for smaller cars to be fitted with such a system, but many markets won’t get the option, leading to many disappointed Golf fans.

Currently, the only market which is certain to get the option is mainland Europe. UK buyers were apparently keen after difficult winter weather conditions, but there are no plans to make a RHD version of the car. There is no word yet on whether or not the US will see the 4Motion Golf. Initially, only the 1.6 and 2.0 TDI will be offered with 4Motion technology. Some may have hoped that there would be a wider choice, but the engines are both excellent, and the 2.0 is amongst the most popular in the entire Volkswagen range of brands. With 148hp and 320nm of torque, it’s got enough power for most people. The 0-60 sprint should be completed in well under 10 seconds. Economy is also good, at around 50mpg.


News isn’t all bad for the markets which won’t get 4Motion technology. The UK and possibly the US will get the high performance Golf R later this year. While it will be considerably more expensive than the rest of the range, it will certainly be a sought after vehicle, combining an estimated 300hp with four-wheel-drive as standard.

It will remain a mystery as to why the UK will not get the 4Motion Golf. It certainly sees weather conditions that would warrant an all-wheel drive system, but Volkswagen must believe sales will not be large enough in volume to make a RHD model viable. If you’re looking for used VW cars for sale, then you’ll find that the previous generation 4motion Golfs are still available at good prices. The announcement is certainly going to improve Volkswagen’s appeal, meaning that there is no corner of the market it cannot conquer. It’s all part of a drive for the German manufacturer to surpass Toyota as the world’s number one carmaker by 2018.

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