Nissan Works on an Aggressive Growth Opportunity in the American Region

Nissan's Smyrna, Tenn. Vehicle Assembly PlantAll the business owners are in search of some useful opportunities to expand their business and to increase their revenue and businesses that find such opportunities are called luckiest. Nissan, is just ready to list its name in such luckiest automakers as they got a strong growth opportunity in the American region. For the purpose, the Nissan invests $5 billion USD in  the American region in new plants to increase the production volume. This is an aggressive job and support this task, the company needs to hire over 100,000 new workers in different criteria, much of the hiring is complete and the rest is proceeding gradually.

For 50 consecutive months, Nissan is the Mexico’s market share leader and now with this aggressive growth plan it will be increased by $2 billion USD with which the Nissan is constructing a complex, quality proving supplier park in Aguascalientes which is almost near to completion. In the first phase, the newly build complex has to support up to 175,000 units per year of Nissan’s B platform and will also complement the two existing manufacturing facilities in Mexico.

A $1.5 billion USD worth production complex in Resende, Brazil with the capacity of 200,000 V Platform products scheduled to launch in the first  half of 2014 is also in progress. Moreover, the Nissan’s all new Powertrain plants Renault-Nissan Alliance in Decherd, Tenn will also start production of 4-cylinder gasoline engines for Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti products early in 2014. This is a joint venture project with Daimler and will support the production of 250,000 units annually.

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