Plasma and LCD TVs for Cars – New Fashion and Luxury Trends

Plasma and LCD panel sounds similar, but the flat screen and thin profile are the points where the similarity ends. Plasma TV uses a matrix of tiny gas plasma cells charged by precise electrical voltages to create a picture. LCD (Liquid Color Display), in layman terms, are sandwiches made up of liquid crystals pushed in the space between two glass plates. Images are created by varying the amount of electrical charge applied to the crystals.

Plasma TV for cars

Although, LCD TV for cars is widely used by people, Plasma and LCD TV for cars is also becoming a trend. Most of the concept car’s manufacturers are rather using plasma TVs. Plasma TV for cars are ideal because these TVs have exceptional colors, high resolution, slim light weight design, widescreen aspect ratio, uniform screen brightness, wide viewing angle, magnetic field immunity, flat screen and computer compatibility. Plasma TV for cars has one main advantage, these TVs have exceptional clarity of picture even when viewed on the side or at any angle, hence people in the car can easily view the screen no matter on which side they recline.

LCD TV for cars comes in different sizes which are listed below:

  • 2.5- 4 inches LCD TV for car are designed, to fill even the smallest space, where a monitor is needed.
  • 5 inch LCD TV for cars have large screen display, these monitors can be mounted anywhere on virtually anything.
  • 6 inch LCD monitors have large screen display that offers higher resolution. It can be used in any vehicle for any purpose.
  • 7 inch LCD TV, offers widescreen format performance.
  • 8-10 inches LCD TV, offer high resolution panel in an attractive housing.
  • 11- 15 inches car LCD TV can be used for computers as well as videos.
  • 16- 42 inches car LCD monitors are designed to be used mainly in RVs and Limos.

Hope this article can help you, if you are searching for information related Plasma and LCD TVs for your cars.

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