Ram 1500 Rumble Bee Concept unwrapped at the Woodward Dream Cruise, Detroit

FRONT 3Q DRAMA__midA few days ago, at the annual Woodward Cruise, Detroit, Ram 1500 Rumble Bee Concept made its world debut. As the name implies, the Concept is based on the popular Ram 1500 rear wheel drive pickup truck with some significant improvements and enhancements. The concept wears a a matte drone yellow paint and rolls out over 24 inches glossy black Vellano VRH alloy wheels. The new Ram 1500 Rumble Bee concept is a blend of classy styling features and decent paint ideas. The yellow truck has lots of glossy black accents including fuel filler shutter, front grille, dual exhaust tops and hood air intakes. The ride height of the concept is reduced by 2” resulting in a more agile and handling and composed ride.

The interior of the Rumble Bee Concept is complementing the exterior as it has a dual tone drone yellow and black leather upholstery with same dual tone stitching. The interior is well equipped and well appointed. A real bee is embedded in the rotary gear selector dial in an illuminated honeycomb mesh. The concept gets power from a 5.7 liter HEMI V8 petrol engine that generates 395 bhp and 551 NM torque. Rear wheel drive and an eight speed Torque Flite  automatic transmission are standard. The new Rumble Bee Concept is a bit unique from the rest of the concept trucks as it combines the energy and power with a distinctive and appealing styling. The model unveiled at the Woodward Cruise remains the concept and a production version is expected in the near future.

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