Seven Gadgets for Gearheads

Whether you’re a car collector, a gearhead or you just like to drive, odds are good that you also like gadgets that are designed to make your ride uniquely your own. From dashboard cameras to a weatherproof GPS system, here are seven of the sleekest, most stylish and most useful gadgets on the market:

Escort SmartRadar

If you have a need for speed, this compact radar detector will help you stay out of trouble. Plus, because the Escort SmartRadar puts your smartphone to work as your display, you can keep it in your center console – making the unit even more stealthy.


CG Lock

Easy-to-install, this handy device helps maintain seatbelt tension to keep you securely buckled in. Some even say that it makes driving more comfortable, but you’ll have to make that determination for yourself.

Cowon Auto Capsule AC1

This affordable, compact dashboard camera gives drivers the chance to record what they see on the road, and will even automatically start recording when it detects a bump (including the 15 seconds prior to the bump occurring), which can help prove who’s at fault in the event of a fender bender.

PLX Kiwi Bluetooth

If you ever wanted access to the same information that your mechanic is able to retrieve from your on-board computer, this is the gadget for you! For DIY-ers especially, this little device may be a dream come true. And at an average price of less than $100, it’s more affordable than you might have thought.

Eastwood Glass Polishing Kit & 3M Headlight Lens Polishing Kit

In addition to reducing the appearance of scratches and pitting on your windshield, or the hazing of your headlights, these polishing kits can help you see better and be seen by others – keeping you safer on the road.

Pioneer AppRadio

With a sensitive in-dash touch screen and access to dozens of Android and iOS apps, Pioneer AppRadio puts gives puts the apps that you use the most right at your fingertips. Plus, with native iPod connectivity, you can easily plug in and play your favorite tunes.

Garmin 665

No matter where you place this innovative, weather-tight GPS system – on your motorcycle, SUV, or even your boat, it will keep the elements at bay and help you find your way.  It also offers real-time weather, Bluetooth and XM satellite radio.

BIO: Rose Fox – Rose is a guest author who just loves to write. She occupies her time word smithing about everything from useful tips to used cars, from farming to pharmaceuticals.

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