Small is in (small v/s small.)Which is your pick?

Cars are a need for everyone. With inflation on the rise, fuel is getting dearer and with that the need for budgeting and cutting down major cost to daily living rises. We try to get to things which next best suits us or rather we can compromise on. So is the case in Cars as well. Congested and busy roads need to reach on time makes it even more necessary to own a car which can help us in such situations. We are talking about the current rage of small cars yes ‘Small Is In’. We would like in particular discuss the 2 cars which are almost similar from their basic initial launch till date in terms of their features and the performance level; they are the Mini Cooper and the Fiat 500.

Crisis leads to invention , this is precisely what would have happened in 1956 during the  fuel shortage Suez crisis as it lead to the invention  and making of MINI,  the fuel efficient car thus paving the way for the series of MINI’s  produced by the BMW . The potential of the car for competition  gave insight to  Mr. John cooper  owner, designer  of Cooper Car company  known for  their Rally and formula one cars  and so was designed  Mini Cooper, the car for the masses  a humble, cute,  fuel  economy  car. The Mini series always came up with better models year by year and really captured the road especially because of its fuel economy and tiny appearance and affordability in this current scenario of inflation.

The latest 2011 Mini cooper 1.6 liter four cylinder engine vehicle runs at horsepower 121hp@ 6000rpm   seems to be the best pick among small Car buyers today because of its fuel efficiency, performance capabilities its cute appearance and mainly because of its ability to zip of easily thru any roads as compared to huge bulky cars which are a major concern for all. In short it is easily maneuverable in any roads.  Although it is a bit pricey  among the  small cars  the features,  advanced  technology ,  wide option of color and flavor of the season like orange,  spice, eclipse grey and British racing green  it’s  a rage  and makes it the most desirable  among  the car buyers .Though small the front seats are pretty spacious and have enough legroom but there is a shortfall in the leg space  in the rear seats and trunk space is a bit restricted. It is available in 2 door hatchback and convertible.


The name itself gives it the distinct quality of its producer the Fiat Company of Italy during the period between 1957 and 1975. They never hit the market aggressively and maintained their limited production of the Fiat 500 till around 1977. The launch of the Nuova (new) 500 in July 1957, considered as the first of the city cars were less priced and the most practical car in town in terms of its little size. Technical changes and better features gave way to launch a similar styled, longer and heavier front wheel drive car, the Fiat Nuova 500.

Times pass by and good things get better, today  what stands in store for us is the awesome, spectacular treat  in the world of automobiles the Fiat 500 2011 with an horsepower of  1.01hp  @6900 rpm. If you don’t own a Ferrari no problem you can own a Fiat500 2011 as everything you desire for your car you have it in this zingy, sporty, adorable, smart car. From the very likeable exterior convertible look to its bright color interiors you will love to be in it. Unlike the MINI which has gone larger, the Fiat 500, 2011 keeps up its level of being a small car and hasn’t changed in its size.

Talking about performance  choices   differ and so do taste  , when we talk about MINI Cooper and the Fiat 500, it is the end user  who can decide which one should be their pick .Every need is based on the kind of expectation you have . The kind of mileage, speed, looks, affordability, precession all these would change from person to person. Both these models good in its own way  have updated themselves from the old  classic to the retro, refined fresh look and are a revolution in  the market of  sizeable small cars, they are there and you  have an option  which to pick the choice is yours.

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