Some Interesting Facts Regarding Formula One

Formula one

Formula one is the famous world championship which is different from the other racing championships because it has some well defined set of rules which the participants and cars must comply otherwise they don’t get an eligibility to enter into this championship. This championship combines some series of races and then finally reveals the result for the two annual world championships one for the drivers and one for the constructers. You might be a fan of F1 racing but there are some really exciting facts with which you might not be aware of.

Photo by Wenny118

Photo by Wenny118

  1. The fastest circuit in the history of formula one is Monza which has acquired a record breaking highest speed of 375kph.
  2. When full brakes are applied by the racers the car takes about 55 meters and 1.9 seconds to return back to a standstill position.
  3. A British racer Damon Hill is the only man in the history who has not lead even a single lap during the championship but have won the Championship finally.
  4. Nigel Mansell is the only unlucky fellow in the F1’s history who has leaded in every lap but finally lost the championship.
  5. The engines of the racing cars have a very short life and they almost breakdown after one race and it has also been noticed that the engines of cars needs to be replaced after one season.
  6. The youngest ever formula one driver was a Brazilian driver Emerson Fittipaldi.
  7. The oldest F1 racer in the history of F1 championship was Juan Manuel who has won the F1 championship when he was 46 years old.
  8. The brakes of the racing cars that are eligible for this race are derived from disc brakes which are made of carbon fiber.
  9. The tyres for the F1 racing sports cars are composed of nitrogen rather than air because of the consistent pressure of nitrogen. The life of these tyres is as short as engine and they needed to be changed after 90 to 120km.
  10. The formula one car can accelerate from start to 200km/h and come back to standstill in just 7 seconds which sounds really exciting.

These were some of the very exciting facts related to formula one championship which most of the people don’t know. These facts are really the exciting one because they are not applied for the normal racing.

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