Spyker Revealing Future Product Plan for Saab

One of the most controversial brands of last year Saab, which has finally got the Spyker’s platform and now the owners are have revealed their product plan for Saab on Monday and according to them some new models will be added to the Saab Lineup. The company claims that Saab will come by 9-3, the 9-4X and 9-5 models and it will be really profitable for the company. Thus we can say that Saab is now coming back in to the competition and it will compete in the small and middle size cars and the new models will be really profitable for the company.


According to the Spyker’s claims they are aiming for Saab to be profitable for 2012 and they are also saying that the production portfolio will be completely renewed. If all the shareholders approves the change as made by the developers than Saab expects to make and sell 100,000 to 125,000 cars annually. Thus the new product plan by Spyker shows that Saab is again entered into the international auto market’s competition and it is no more going to die as though some months before.

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