Test Driving with Jeff Gordon

Pepsi Max teamed up with NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon recently to pull an incredible prank on a local car salesman, undisclosed location of course. The unsuspecting man had no clue what he was getting into when he gave the keys to a Camaro to Gordon with complete trust.

When Gordon showed up to the lot with his costume, which included some facial hair, and new name “Mike”, the salesman surely thought, wow we have a guy that could really use to spice up his life. So he naturally tries to pitch the Camaro to Gordon, and even attempts to lure him into test driving it. In character Gordon initially hesitates, but he willingly gives into the salesman, and they begin their test drive. At first Gordon mentions he drives a minivan, and the Camaro is way to much car for him, and even plays it out when he first steps on the gas, acting overwhelmed by the Camaro’s power.


by Red Bull Air Race

Then Gordon shifts gears literally and figuratively on the salesman, and begins to rip down the open roadways, blazing through intersections and cutting turns, drifting without even the least bit of hesitation. All the meanwhile the salesman has become terrified and his heart is pumping. He begins to curse the NASCAR driver, and threatens him with the liability of the vehicle if anything happens to it. As the test drive escalates into something extraordinary, the salesman even goes as far as to threaten to kill Gordon, a very humorous and natural reaction to a man who is feeling powerless.

As they make their turn into the sales lot and back into the spot aggressively the salesman has shown he has had enough as he storms out of the vehicle and is threatening up an down that he is going to call the police. Gordon and his crew are quick to intercept the man and tell him of the prank. At first there is a slow pause of like “I still want to kill you”, then that face shifts to a bit of relief and even some laughter. I was more surprised at Gordon’s acting skills, and equally amazed at how well the salesman took the prank, even after the fact. Either way the Camaro showed great promise, and its handling was spot on. Even though it was a professional driver behind the wheel, it still had remarkable power, and even though you are just watching the video, you can feel the G-Force as he drifts into each turn. You can learn a lot more by reading about the Camaro at JB Chevy dealer.

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