The 2014 Honda Insight – Green Driving at an Affordable Price

The 2014 Honda Insight, among whatever other assets it may possess, is the least expensive hybrid available. That said, consumers should carefully weigh the pros and cons of this vehicle in order to determine whether it is the right vehicle for them. This is definitely a worthwhile car – it is just that it has characteristics that will work best for certain overall driving profiles.

Mileage is one main reason that many people gravitate toward hybrids. This vehicle has respectable number in this area, boasting 41 city and 44 highway miles to the gallon. Not bad at all. An innovative fuel-saving technology called the Intelligent Power Unit is to thank, in part, for these specs. This technology gathers kinetic energy that is usually lost during deceleration and converts it to battery power. Factoring the Insight’s good mileage efficiency profile in with its reasonable price makes the vehicle appear to be a smart decision from both a monetary and environmental perspective.

2014 Honda Insight

One further issue to consider, however, is space. Though the vehicle is billed as a 5 passenger vehicle, it is really most comfortable with only two, or at most three, adults. Three children will fit easily in the rear seating area, but two or more adults (or even one if he or she is of reasonable size) are likely to feel somewhat cramped. The prospective buyer should carefully consider the possibility of using the car for long distance trips and the number of passengers likely to be included. Though it doesn’t require roadside plug-in charging, this car is not ideally suited to long trips with large groups. It is better, say, for city driving with occasional weekend trips to the country.

Another area to take into consideration is the car’s engine power. The 2014 model has the same engine – a 1.3-liter DOHC i-VTEC 4 cylinder engine. This engine puts out 87 horsepower. The 10 Kilowatt, 14 horsepower electric motor is placed between engine and the continuously variable transmission. With the addition of the electric motor, the combined horsepower is 98. This is on the low side, even for hybrids.  For instance, the Toyota Prius has a combined horsepower of 134 horsepower. However, the Prius is more expensive by a hefty margin of around $5,000 to $8,000. This is definitely a factor to consider. The moderate added punch of 36 horsepower may or may not be worth that amount of money to everyone.

As a way to consider this question, the potential consumer might like to think of this car as one that is built for fuel/energy/monetary efficiency rather than speed. The Insight’s horsepower is easily enough for everyday usage. There is also its reduced carbon footprint to bear in mind, which has global benefits. Its affordability gives it increased financial accessibility. Bearing all of these factors in mind, the 2014 Honda Insight can be an insightful choice for customers with certain purchasing and driving stipulations.

Source: David Hobbs Honda in WI

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