The Award Winning RAM

Looking for a truck? If you’re seriously in the market, why not buy the best one out there? The Dodge Ram is this year’s Motor Trend Magazine’s Truck of the year and it’s arguably the best vehicle for hauling, towing and just plain driving around. Dodge’s engineers spent the last two years re-working just about every square inch of this masterpiece and it’s sure to please even the most critical truck lovers.

“Motor Trend’s seal of approval for best truck isn’t just handed out for nothing”, so says Marty Cancila RAM. The Ram earned this award because it’s an outstanding pickup any way you look at it. It’s been tested and re-tested and evaluated from a hundred different angles, from performance and safety to comfort and versatility and customer satisfaction.  This Ram has a new engine this season with 47% more horsepower than the old V-6. The transmission has been replaced too. The brand new eight-speed automatic not only provides a much smoother ride along with making towing and hauling easier, but it increases fuel economy by almost twenty percent.

Dodge Ram

Dodge showrooms are having problems keeping this one on the showroom floor because it’s so popular. Not only is it a beautiful example of what a real pickup truck should look like and how one should perform, it’s gotten the highest grades possible for safety from the IIHS. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is a tough grader and takes its job very seriously. These top marks were awarded to the Ram for passing crash tests successfully while preventing injuries to the occupants. The driver and passengers, of course were “crash dummies” which were electronically and visually monitored to detect any possible significant injuries to real car occupants.

The Dodge Ram’s strategically placed and numerous side and front airbags also were given top marks by the IIHS for preventing serious injuries to passengers and driver. Let’s not forget the Electronic Stability, Anti-Lock Brakes and Roll Control Systems in the Ram. They all work together to prevent accidents and keep people as safe as they were before they got into the Truck of the Year.  This truck took two years to develop and it’s paying off in safety and popularity. All the improvements and engineering changes made it the best truck anyone could imagine.  It would have been the best truck of the year whether Motor Trend or any other magazine had ever acknowledged it. If you’re really looking for a truck, look at the Ram.

Jyotsna Ramani

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