The Cars That Every New Driver Should Consider Buying

Your first car is a car that you’ll remember for the rest of your life, so you want to get it right. We all have different needs from a car, but these options are all great for new drivers.

Skoda Citigo

If you’re a bit of a nervous driver, you might want to look for a car that is safe. Most people think that safe cars are those big SUVs that look more like tanks than cars. But the Skoda Citigo proves those people totally wrong. It’s a very small car, yet it has one of the best safety records of any car on the road.

Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

It was given a 5-star safety rating by Euro NCAP, the trusted safety testing body that tests every new car on the market. That is something that not too many cars achieve. The car is easy to drive and cheap to buy too, which is something else that’s important to a lot of new drivers.

Ford Ka

Since arriving on the scene in the 1990s, the Ford Ka has proven to be a hit with new drivers time and time again. The same is true of the latest iteration of the Ka. The design has changed over the years (and got considerably better), but the essential stuff has stayed pretty much the same.

They’re very cheap to buy and run too. Ford have long since had a reputation for making affordable cars, but the Ka is the cheapest of the lot. You only have to visit to see how cheap it is to buy a Ford Ka nowadays, whether you opt for a new or used option.

Renault Twingo

You need a car that’s cheap to run when you first start driving. Your bank balance has probably already been hit hard by the costs of driving lessons, tests, insurance and everything else associated with driving. The Renault Twingo has rock-bottom running costs, making it a genuinely great first car.

It’s a tiny car too. Yes, there are loads of small cars on the market, but none feel as compact as the Twingo (except maybe a two-seater). They place the engine in the back of the car, which makes the front very compact and gives the car a very small turning circle. This is great for new drivers who aren’t yet totally confident on the road.

Toyota Aygo

The Toyota Aygo is clearly a very image conscious car. It looks great, and that’s exactly what the designers were going for when they drew up the plans. It has an X-shaped grille that really makes the car stand out on the road, and it’s certain to be a big appeal for young drivers wanting something unique.

It’ll be even more appealing for young drivers living in big cities. It’s compact and easy to drive when there’s a lot of traffic and the streets are tight. The gearbox is automated making it even better for driving in the city. And, just as importantly, it’s cheap to run so you won’t be throwing your money away on fuel.
Hopefully, this guide will have made the task of choosing your new car that little bit easier!

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