The Jeep Bloodline

Does the Jeep Wrangler look cool or what?  It makes you think of the old classic Jeep from seventy years ago.  Yeah, it is a bit different, but you can tell they are related.  Put them next to each other and you’ll see that the Wrangler is simply the natural evolution of the Willys Jeep from 1940.

They’re both four-wheelers and they both love the outdoors.  Neither one is afraid to get wet or to get mud-splashed, and neither would ever back down from a challenge.  Okay, one doesn’t have a top, but it did have a nice fitting tarp overhead when it needed to stay dry.  All right, the old one didn’t have air-conditioning or a heater, but so what? The guys driving that thing were more concerned about getting in and out of danger than they were about staying warm or keeping cool.

Since they are blood relations we didn’t really start out to compare the two.  But maybe because they are next of kin, the similarities should be pointed out.

Jeep Wrangler

The new Wrangler (as seen at Littleton Colorado’s Autonation Jeep) is every bit as tough as the olive green military issue Jeep from several generations ago.  Nowadays, however, one might need the Wrangler to go to the mall or out to a fine restaurant, and it fits in perfectly with those kinds of civilized places.  The old Jeep would fit in there too if it weren’t for the fifty-caliber machine gun mounted in the back seat area.

The wartime Jeep had no doors.  The Wrangler’s doors come off when you want them off. The old Jeep had four-wheel drive.  So does the Wrangler.  They are both rough and ready to go where you want them to go.  They can climb a hill and off-road with the best of them. As a matter of fact, they are the best of them in many people’s eyes.

Okay, it seems as far as evolution goes, the Wrangler has gotten all the good genes from its Grandpa, the 1940s Jeep.  It’s just bigger, faster, more dependable and much better looking, (if you’re going to the mall).  Some folks out there, if given a choice, would actually choose the olive green topless version over the new Wrangler. There could be many reasons for that decision.  Perhaps they like old cars or maybe their dad or grandfather used to drive on in the war.  You really can’t blame them, though. A Jeep is still a Jeep no matter what it looks like.

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