The Jeep is on Everyone’s Wish-list Right?

Who hasn’t ever wished that they were driving a Jeep? You’re right; it’s a silly question. Probably everyone at one time or another has wanted to be behind the wheel of a Jeep. They just look like they’re so much fun. We’ve all seen the original Jeeps in movies and we’ve seen practically each generation since those 1940s war Jeeps in documentaries, TV shows and films ranging from surfing movies to action/adventure flicks. Jeeps have been in so many pictures that they should have at least won an honorary Oscar by now.

Jeeps are part of the texture of our culture and their images are ingrained in our minds. At once they are part of the machine that won the Second World War and they are the most versatile recreational vehicles that we simply can’t do without. Jeeps are also part of our modern landscape. You see Jeep Cherokees at the mall, the grocery store, at five-star restaurants and even off-roading with all its other playmates.  The Wrangler is the same way, only with a slightly different approach. It’s a bit more daring and rugged looking but it still holds its own at the mall and five-star venues. Wrangler owners seem to take pride in their rough and ready vehicles and they’re not shy about flaunting it in front of anybody.

Willys Jeep

The Wrangler’s design certainly maintains its heritage as a direct descendant of the olive green original. It can follow in its ancestor’s footsteps, climbing hills, fording streams and off-roading with ease.  It does have, however, a bit more comfort than its Granddad. It has heating and air conditioning and power seats. It also has power steering, power brakes, CD player and satellite radio, among a lot of other features. “The modern Jeep Wrangler has a great deal more storage space and can carry more people than its predecessor could”, anonymous at Deery Brothers of Ames. The 1940s version of the Jeep would get puzzled glances if it were to be valet parked, while the Wrangler gets enthusiastic smiles when the keys are handed over.

All Jeeps are directly descended from the original Willys Jeep of the 40s and every model, from the Wrangler to the elegant Cherokee, continue to evolve into something special. The designs and improvements that go into each vehicle every year are testaments on how the Jeep engineers love their work and love the cars they work on. These great cars will always keep their Jeep identity no matter what they look like.

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