The New Strategy Leads Ford to Make First Annual Profit in Four Years

Ford automaker had been through many tough times in the past some years but now this company has  make its way to some really reasonable profit in the year 2009 and the reason as claimed by some experts is that the popular cars and lower cost has taken the company to this much high profit.

Photo by Auto Exposure Canada

Photo by Auto Exposure Canada

The $2.7 billion is the profit of 2009 and it is claimed to be the first annual profit of the company in the four years. It has been reported that the full year revenue of $118.3 billion fell 14 percent from 2008 and the company has got quite poor sale in the past years and in 2006 it was considered to be the weakest of the three domestic automakers but now we can say that black clouds have been vanished from the sky for Ford motor corp. and the company has started its journey towards success.

According to the CEO of Ford company, Alan Mulally the year 2009 was “pivotal” for the company but they have other work to do as well. The company is working consistently to cut the debt on the yearly basis and it is strongly expected that the financial condition of the company is going to be better in the future.

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