The Storm-Driven Nissan

Nissan vehicles, similar to other car brands, designed their vehicles to run using gasoline and diesel as fuel options. This allowed consumers to choose the best car according to their performance and available fuel within their local areas.

Knowing these established facts, it is unlikely to find a Nissan running through other fuel modes. However, there is a Nissan operated by storm and gained utmost popularity in 2012.

The Storm behind Nissan

In 2012, Japanese pop music fans roared with excitement after learning about “Arashi”, a celebrated J-pop group, endorsing Nissan Serena S-HYBRID.

Arashi is a Japanese term that means storm. Composed of five handsome, charming and wildly talented male singers, the group indeed live up to its name after establishing a massive fan base, not only in Japan, but across the globe. Managed by Johnny’s Entertainment, the most celebrated agency in the country, the Arashi boys appeared as leads in numerous television series and films, launched high-selling singles and albums, and became the faces of varied product endorsements including Nissan.

Nissan Vanette

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In this endorsement, Arashi did not only endorse the S-HYBRID by driving the vehicle, but also used their single, Kakenukero, as the ads’ background music. The single was also included in their new album titled Popcorn, which was released in the same year.

Nissan Serena and S-HYBRID

Nissan Serena first hit the auto market in 1991 after succeeding Nissan Vanette. Flaunting its minivan form, Serena launched with the MkI C23 series running on petrol and diesel engines. This five-door vehicle was manufactured in 1991 until 2002. MkII C24, MkIII C25, and then MkIV C26, which includes S-HYBRID, followed the first generation of Serenas sold in the market.

S-HYBRID is one of the current car models from the brand in Japan. Also known as Smart Simply Hybrid, the brand developed this technology around August 2012, which raised the C26’s market competitiveness. Resources stated that employing this advancement allowed the vehicle to deliver output power comparable to the Eco Motor, which is another technology from the car brand. Integrating a wide array of technology in a single car lets drivers enjoy fuel economy at its finest. All used technology undergone testing to ensure quality for buyers. Read about the all new 2014 Nissan models in the full reviews by Sheridan Nissan.

Arashi as Cool Level Injection?

Stereotypes about buying cars gained vans a reputation as a family car and not something to use for fashion. Although some parts of this statement are true, seeing that this vehicle can be an option for younger buyers will somehow raise its image. Arashi’s charming appeal certainly gave S-HYBRID a dose of coolness.

Aside from promotion purposes, getting a famous J-pop group to endorse the car can somehow contribute to salvaging MkI C23 series’ image problem. According to resources, Fifth Gear’s Quentin Willson commented about comparing the car’s seductive appeal to a skip, which is a British term for a container made for transporting and dumping waste. Although its successor may have already saved its tarnished image with all the changes, getting these pop princes to promote for the Japanese auto market will be added image boost for the brand.

Nissan maximized their promotion for S-HYBRID with these pop stars. With its enhanced fuel economy and the endorsers, the company envisioned boosted sale for this make and model.

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