Top 5 Interesting Facts About Car Tyres

Tyres. We rely on them to get us from A to B, and we have to take care of them to ensure our own safety. In fact, they are the arguably the most important aspect of our cars. They’ve undergone a number of design improvements and alterations over the years to help us on our travels.

There are a few interesting facts about car tyres that you might not know about, or you might just find them interesting as a refresher. From basic types to bizarre historical uses, here’s our top 5.

You Can Buy Different Types Of Tyres

Obviously, you already know that there’s different makes of tyres. From Kumho Tyres to Continental Tyres, there’s a lot of choice at your disposal. However, did you know that you can also buy tyres to suit the conditions you’re driving in? There are winter tyres that add extra grip in slippery situations, and you can even buy mud tyres when you’re going off road. It’s worth buying these ahead of time as you never know when you’ll need them.

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New Tyres Have Non-Stick Coatings

Did you know that it can take up to 500 miles before you actually wear your tyres in? After this time, the non-stick coating will finally disappear. This coating is necessary because it’s used to remove the tyre from the mould it’s formed in. You don’t need to panic, but it’s best to take things easy for the first 500 miles and don’t take any tight bends at fast speeds. In fact, don’t do that anyway.

Tyres Are White

Huh?! Car tyres are naturally white. The reason that they come in black is because of the carbon that is added to them. There are some tyres that don’t use carbon, though. Silica has replaced that material in some tyres, but the black colour never changed. It’s probably for the better as your tyres wouldn’t look so nice in white when they’re covered in dirt!

Inflating Your Tyres Can Improve Fuel Economy

You should inflate your tyre pressures to keep you safe, but it can also improve your fuel economy in the long run. You’re probably going to save about 10% by inflating to the correct amount. The reason for this is that the engine has to work harder if tyre pressures aren’t right in order to correct the imbalance.

Lego Is The Largest Manufacturer Of Tyres

Of all the tyre brands out there, it’s Lego that takes the crown for the largest. Wait, Lego makes tyres?! Well, not exactly. At last count, they were making over 300 million of their mini-tyre models per year. They probably wouldn’t work so well on your own car, but you can’t argue with the statistics!

We’ll continue to rely on tyres for the foreseeable future until another invention comes along. Luckily for us, they’re getting safer and safer by the year. It’s important to know the facts and most importantly, to maintain them. Check your tyre pressures often, and keep yourself safe out there.

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