Top 5 Rarest Cars

Car enthusiasts around the world are constantly searching for the rarest and most desirable automobiles. While most cars are mass produced in their millions, certain vehicles are specially made as collects items and can be obtained by only a certain select few. Here is an overview on the top five rarest cars in the world to get your motors running.

Ferrari 250GT Spyder


by char1iej

Only 36 units of this sleek Ferrari were ever produced, and the fact that this model resembles the classic Jaguar driven by James Bond makes it even more desirable. The car was produced in 1961 and perhaps the most highly sought after unit of them all was formerly owned by the actor James Coburn. In fact, when this car was auctioned back in 2008 it sold for an impressive $10.9 million, earning it the title of the world’s most expensive car.

Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe


by CedEm photographies

Just six units of this car rolled off the production line back in 1931. This stylish coupe features a 12.7 litre aircraft engine and an elongated design with large wheels. The Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe was last auctioned in a Christie’s Albert Hall back in 1987, where it was snapped up for a whopping $9.7 million.

Dodge Coronet R/T Convertible


by myoldpostcards

Only two units were ever built of this sleek convertible back in 1970. Although a number of similar models were produced in the years that followed, none had the exact same specifications of the Dodge Coronet R/T, which means that this is without doubt one of the world’s rarest vehicles as well as being a thing of true beauty.

L88 Corvette


by Georg Schwalbach (GS1311)

When this powerful racing car was released back in 1968 it was truly ahead of its time. The L88 Corvette’s engine boasts an impressive 550 horsepower which enables the car to reach a nail biting 170 miles per hour. The car was produced by General Motors, who unusually tried to limit the number of sales by withholding features such as a radio or air conditioning because they felt that the car was simply too powerful to be out on the open road.

Oldsmobile F-88


by Spitfire_Pisces

This is another vehicle produced by General Motors that was felt to be ahead of its time. This futuristic looking model was built in 1954 by the Oldsmobile Division of General Motors and featured a large front grill, eye catching pigskin upholstery and a 250-hp V8 ‘Rocket’ engine. Only one unit was ever produced, making the Oldsmobile F-88 truly unique.




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