Top 5 Used Minis that You Should Look Out

BMW have been among the top automobile makers since many decades but somewhere in 1959 BMW decided to take over Mini and since then Mini cars have really become popular all over the world. The word Mini itself describes the size and the concept of the car that it is a small car that is designed for people who like to have a small car that they can use for their personal transport and that can be handled in urban traffic. There are certainly many Mini models available in the market but if you are looking for used Minis you will need to find some really great models that have remained popular over the period of time.

Here we take a quick look at the top 5 Used Minis that you can buy for your family.

1. Mini Hatch 1.6 3 Door – 2004

If you are interested in something that should not cost you much but you still get the most out of it then you should look out for Mini Hatch 1.6 3 door. Although, it is an old model it has the capability to produce good speed that you would need on the road. The car comes with 1600cc petrol engine with manual transmission that can allow you to take total control on the road. It has some really good safety features as well like 4 wheel disk brakes, sport suspension plus, front footwell lights, sporty seats, antilock brake system, electronic brake force distribution and cornering brake control.

2. Mini Cooper S – 2002

Photo by pkrehbiel

This Mini still remains to be one of the most wanted models and therefore you can always look out for it on websites that sell used cars. The most striking feature about this car is the low base price and some really good features that are incorporated in it. It has excellent interiors and it is more spacious than you can imagine for a small car.

3. Mini Hatch Hardtop – 2007

Photo by Gents Wild

This Mini model is among the best used Minis that you can find in the market and therefore you should keep looking for it. The car comes with Prince engine and therefore it is more fuel efficient. If you are looking for something cheaper you can also find the same model in diesel which is marked as Cooper SD at the back.

4. Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works – 2006

Photo by kenjonbro

If you are looking for something more flashy and elegant then you can look out for used Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works made in 2006. This is a convertible model that has automatic transmission along with other top features like cruise control, power windows and powerful engine that can produce 215 horsepower and get you the speed of 145 mph.

5. Mini Cooper S – 2007

Photo by RacerKP

If you are looking for Mini Cooper S which is bit advanced then go for the 2007 model which has 4 cylinder engine with manual transmission. It has only 2 doors but the convertible factor makes it look really good for an affordable price that you would pay.

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