What To Look For In Your Next Small City Car?

For modern, city living, a small car could be exactly what you need. Forget the big saloons and the monster SUVs. Have you ever tried parking one them in town? You need something small, zippy and practical. More importantly, you need something cheap, reliable and inexpensive to run. Luckily there are a huge range of these supermini city cars and they are perfect for this job.

These super small cars were once laughed at. They were unsafe, ugly and lacked any power at all. Nowadays, that has all changed. Thanks to the demand of city living, these cars have been significantly upgraded. Not only are they now stylish and powerful, they are cheap to buy and cheap to run. They are softer on the environment and save you a fortune on the running costs. So, if you need an alternative to the inventory of used trucks on the market, here’s what to look for.

Image Credit: Juan-Calderon

Running costs

Living in the city is expensive enough already. The last thing you want is huge fuel bills and costly insurance. Luckily, the small car range is famous for its cheap running costs. These cars are designed for nipping around towns and short bursts of driving. With this in mind, they are very economical with fuel when driven like this. The eco versions are even better. Cars like the Seat Ibiza eco option and the Vauxhall Corsa eco option are the best out there. Although you may think that insurance would be cheap, do your research. Some Minis, for example, are in the higher insurance brackets.

Don’t always trust the low price

These super mini cars are advertised at seriously low prices. Be wary of these enticing price tags. Although you can purchase a car at these prices, you’ll usually want to pay more. These prices constitute the lowest budget range and come ill equipped. Remember, you’ll want all the safety options when buying a small car so do your research. Find out what extras you want before you hit the dealer.


People tend to opt for the larger cars for safety. There is a sensible reason for this. Simple physics tells us that a heavy vehicle suffers less damage in a crash than the smaller vehicle. However, most small cars are now just as safe as some of their big brothers. Check the safety features and NCAP rating of your car. Some of them are missing the vital stability control. In most cases, this is vital for top class safety. Again, do your research before you buy.


These smaller cars are generally more reliable than the larger ones. They have a simpler mechanical systems. When they do go wrong, the parts are generally cheaper to repair or replace too. The range varies wildly across the board. Remember to read through reviews before you put down the money.

Finally your city car should be fun and nippy! Don’t forget to test drive it and take it around the city roads. See how it feels for you. The Mini and the Ford Fiesta are the most fun cars out there, but they are also the most expensive. The choice is all yours.

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