Mazda Planning for the Weight Reduction

Weight Reduction

Mazda has been pretty consistent in bringing on new designs and features in their new models but it has been noted that every new design comes with some incremental weight of 60-80lb due to increased security and some more high class features. Just take an example of Protégé sedan which weighs 2634 pounds in 2003 and after it’s up gradation in 2004 its weight was 2696 pounds.

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But now Mazda corps has announced that they will reverse their techniques of car engineering and will create a new less fueled diesel (cheaper and has same efficiency as hybrid fuels) engine and less weight racing car in the beginning of 2011.Robert Davis, senior vice president of product development and quality for Mazda North American Operations said that reducing the vehicles weight will automatically reduce its fuel consumption.

The main action plan behind this announcement could be that they will use ultra-high tensile steels for lighter (and stronger) body and joint reinforcements, they will make their parts especially the bonnet a bit smaller or changing the door-mounted speaker magnets to neodymium types. But the main point of focus is also that would the price be same as that of the earlier heavy cars? As the material used for the production of lighter car is very expensive and sometimes even goes out of Mazda’s budget. Whatever the implementation costs the whole world is waiting for the time when this marvelous car will be launched and what facilities will it exactly bring.

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